In brief



  • RAI Amsterdam is an international exhibition and conference organisation.
  • The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre on Europaplein in Amsterdam welcomes some 1.6 million visitors annually (a figure which fluctuates over the years). They come to attend consumer & trade exhibitions, conferences, stage shows and other events.
  • RAI Amsterdam lets its location and facilities to organisers (event owners/organisers) for whom it facilitates the event.
  • In addition, RAI Amsterdam has developed its own portfolio of events. These consumer and trade exhibitions and conferences are organised by the RAI itself, both in the Amsterdam Convention Centre and in other exhibition & conference venues abroad.


In the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre
The RAI has enjoyed healthy growth over recent decades, especially in its international events portfolio. As the main sector-specific exhibitions and conventions become larger and more international, organisers recognise the benefits of Amsterdam as a location for a short multi-day stay. It is largely these international events which currently take place in the RAI, and they are expected to remain the engine of sustainable growth in the coming years.
> Executive Board report > Events 2018

Money 20/20

RAI events in the Netherlands and abroad
The RAI has a portfolio of its own events which we organise in the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre and/or elsewhere in other convention centres outside of Europe. Our sectors (and exhibition titles) are: professional cleaning (INTERCLEAN), remanufacturing (ReMaTec), traffic technology (Intertraffic), the maritime sector (METSTRADE, Superyacht and IBEX), water technology (Aquatech), horticulture (GreenTech) and unmanned aerial systems/urban air mobility (the new Amsterdam Drone Week). The RAI also has its own national events, the majority being consumer events like the Huishoudbeurs (home and household), Negenmaandenbeurs (pregnancy and infants) and HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show. There are also trade exhibitions such as Horecava, which targets the Dutch hospitality sector.
All in all, the RAI has a well-rounded portfolio of its own titles. The events organised in Amsterdam provide turnover for the convention centre, while the events abroad reinforce our market share. > Executive Board report > Events 2018

Stimulating the economy, complementing a city

The RAI stimulates the economy in Amsterdam and the wider region. Hotels, restaurants, museums, transport operators, suppliers and the airport all benefit from the exhibitors and visitors who come to the city for the (often international) exhibitions, conventions and events in RAI Amsterdam. Business visitors who come for a few days are also good for the city and the wider region. They spend the day at an exhibition or convention, ensuring that the city stays in balance, while their overall stay contributes to the local economy. > Executive Board report > Regional impact



CSR is part and parcel of the way we think and act

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is such an integral part of RAI Amsterdam’s strategy that it is embedded in our mission: ‘the RAI aims to stimulate the sustainable development of people, markets and the society at large’. With this in mind we take great care of our natural and social environment. Business processes are constantly made more sustainable and we work with local suppliers whenever possible. We also help organisers set up their events in a sustainable and responsible way, while our own events encourage eco-friendly innovations, contributing to new ideas and greater sustainability in a range of sectors. > Executive Board report > Strategy

Our strength

The city of Amsterdam: a compact metropolis

Amsterdam is a global city on a human scale. The canals, the museums and theatres, the cosy cafés... Amsterdam offers freedom and a uniquely tolerant ‘live and let live’ mentality. It is this combination which gives the city its global allure. > In brief > Global city on a human scale

Our employees: a warm welcome to the RAI

RAI employees are proud of being able to offer a wide range of services and leverage on their many years of experience to guarantee a hospitable reception. The professionalism of our staff ensures that the most diverse wishes of exhibitors and visitors are met to their satisfaction.

There are 423 individual employees at RAI Amsterdam, whose presence adds up to 392 FTE. There is also a fixed group of flexibly deployed employees consisting of some 300 regular temps. Every year, RAI Amsterdam deploys around 4,200 such workers. It is energising for employees to work in teams to set up events and quickly switch from one event to the next. Working at the RAI is challenging and diverse in equal measure. > Executive Board report > Personnel and organisation

Multifunctional building complex: centrally located, innovative and sustainable

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is an innovative building complex. We continuously seek to make our buildings and the events which take place within them more sustainable. The convention centre hosts an average of over 400 events a year.

The strength of the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is the multifunctional nature of the complex, which enables fast and flexible switching between very diverse uses and purposes.

The convention centre is located on the edge of central Amsterdam, adjacent to the A10 ring road, train & metro station Amsterdam RAI and the metro station Europaplein. The main hall of Schiphol Airport and the central train station are just a 10-minute trip away. > Executive Board report > Facilities

Our shareholders

The holding company of RAI Amsterdam is RAI Holding BV which has two shareholders: the RAI Association and the City of Amsterdam.

The RAI Association owns 75% of the shares in RAI Amsterdam. It is a trade association that promotes the interests of 700 manufacturers and importers of passenger cars, trucks, trailers, bodywork and special vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, mopeds and bicycles. Suppliers of parts and garage equipment are also linked to the association. The involvement of the RAI Association in RAI Amsterdam goes way back in time. The bicycle industry started organising an annual exhibition in Amsterdam in 1893. A few years later, after the car industry also started participating, this show was dubbed the RAI, an abbreviation for ‘bicycle and automotive industry’ in Dutch.

The remaining 25% of shares are owned by the City of Amsterdam, an arrangement that dates back to 1956 and is based on economic considerations. The City of Amsterdam decided in 2016 to start the process of selling the municipal shares.


Key figures


Approval ratings

Satisfaction rating with RAI Convention Centre (from 1 to 10)

Approval ratings
  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Organisers (events for third parties) 8.2 8.1 8.2 7.7 7.8
Exhibitors (RAI events) 7.5 7.3 7.8 7.5 7.6
Visitors (RAI events) 7.8 7.5 7.8 7.3 7.6

Employee satisfaction

Percentage of scores 4 ('agree') and 5 ('agree strongly') on a five-point scale of overall satisfaction. Biennial survey.

Employee satisfaction
  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Employee satisfaction 81% - 91% - nb



Numbers x 1,000

  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
International events 616 372 330 471 451
National events 725 734 1,048 672 652
Stage shows 21 37 40 62 80
Other events 353 281 327 313 198
Total in Amsterdam 1,715 1,425 1,745 1,518 1,381
Elsewhere in the Netherlands - 7 - -
Outside of the Netherlands 109 96 83 64 67
Total outside of Amsterdam 109 96 90 64 67
Total 1,824 1,520 1,835 1,582 1,448



  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Exhibitors 20,769 17,786 18,464 15,816 18,649
Exhibitors from outside the Netherlands 65% 63% 63% 60% 63%



  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
External organisers 387 421 458 434 521
RAI Amsterdam 18 22 19 24 23
Total 405 443 477 458 544



  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
International events 65 64 52 41 54
National events 35 29 34 43 43
Stage shows 18 48 35 39 55
Other events 281 293 350 325 383
Total in Amsterdam 399 434 471 448 535
Elsewhere in the Netherlands - - 1 1
Outside of the Netherlands 6 9 6 9 8
Total outside of Amsterdam 6 9 6 10 9
Total 405 443 477 458 544


Employed by group, year average

  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Employees, FTE 383 376 371 375 384
In the Netherlands 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Natural resources

Energy: used and generated. CO2-emissions: involves scope 1 and 2.

Natural resources
  2018 2017 2015 2014 2013
Electricity consumption (GJ) 75,085 69,572 68,110 67,961 61,416
Gas consumption (GJ) 6,613 3,034 6,645 43,475 58,557
District heating (GJ) 57,395 61,452 47,990 20,546 12,442
Energy consumption from cogeneration (GJ) - - - 308
Total energy consumption (GJ) 139,093 134,058 122,745 131,983 132,722
Of which generated by RAI solar panels (GJ) 1,697 1,482 1,665 1,491 1,409
Percentage of green electricity purchased 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
CO2 emissions by RAI Amsterdam (tonnes) 2,128 2,043 nb 5,929 6,345
Water consumption (m3) 64,631 62,336 55,765 66,084 50,253


Turnover and results

x € 1 million

Turnover and results
  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Letting to third parties 29.5 23.8 19.8 18.1 22.3
Exhibitions and events 39.9 29.1 50.2 56.9 47.5
Catering 20.9 18.0 14.5 15.5 15.1
Hotel commission 3.4 2.8 2.6 3.3 3.4
Parking 6.5 5.7 5.0 5.9 4.5
Facility services 19.6 17.1 26.1 24.3 24.8
Interior 17.8 12.9      
Building-related letting 11.2 10.4      
Other 3.5 2.4 2.0 2.1 2.1
Turnover 152.3 122.2 120.2 126.2 119.7
Outsourced work 60.7 46.0 47.1 58.6 45.4
Wages and salaries, incl. social security and pension contributions 32.2 29.8 29.0 27.8 29.2
Amortisation 14.9 14.5 15.0 13.8 14.3
Other operating expenses 29.0 22.3 19.7 17.0 17.2
Operating expenses 136.8 112.6 110.8 117.2 106.1
EBITDA 30.4 24.0 24.4 22.7 28.0
Operating result 15.5 9.6 9.4 8.9 13.7
As % of turnover 10.2% 7.9% 7.9% 7.1% 11.4%
Net result 9.9 5.3 5.0 4.2 9.3

*The figures for 2017 have been adapted with regard to earlier publications. For more information, see explanatory note in the financial statements

Balance sheet

x € 1 million

Balance sheet
  2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
Shareholder equity 98.2 90.4 87.9 86.7 84.7
Balance total 210.8 208.3 205.9 201.8 198.0
Solvency 46.6% 43.4% 42.7% 43.0% 42.8%


Thank you for your interest in our company and annual results. We invite you to look back with us on 2018, which has been a true banner year for our company.

Welcome to the RAI!

For starters, 2018 was the most profitable year in the RAI’s history. The operating result was €15.5 million over a turnover of more than €150 million. More than 1.8 million people visited our convention centre or our events abroad. Despite how busy the year was, customer satisfaction even rose a little above the 2017 level. Among the employees, 81% were satisfied or very satisfied: this proportion has unfortunately dropped from the 91% measured two years ago, with the structural changes in our company and the busy times in 2018 having since taken their toll. We see this as an important point to improve and will work hard to do so during 2019.

best operating result in history

We hosted 65 international and 35 national events, ranging from small shows to exhibitions that filled the entire convention centre. Exhibitions, conventions, parties, meetings, theatre shows – all types and sizes of events were represented in our well-filled agenda.

large and small, global and local

Our own events, especially Interclean, Intertraffic and METSTRADE, were again very successful. Abroad, we organised events such as Aquatech China, where we hosted 80,000 visitors.

success for RAI titles

There were also several new events. For instance, we opened our doors to AIDS2018, the 22nd edition of the world’s largest convention in the field of health. We also hosted Money20/20, the European version of an event that focuses on payment transactions, fintech and financial service provision. And we launched the Amsterdam Drone Week together with the European air transport association EASA. The arrival of this exhibition has allowed Amsterdam to profile itself as a ‘drone city’.

new in the RAI

Not all the news has been good: 2018 was also the year in which ISE announced that it would have to move to a larger location starting in 2021, despite a high level of satisfaction. The event organisers wish to make the most of opportunities to expand further, and will therefore unfortunately no longer fit within the RAI.

ISE moves to larger convention centre

A tragic accident occurred in October when a 23-year old colleague from one of our partner companies suffered a fall and died during the breakdown of an event. This incident moved us all deeply.

tragic accident

In 2017 and 2018, employees and management reviewed the RAI’s strategy, which has now been set up to and including 2022. The main points in our approach are to reinforce the core business and ensure the best possible balance between social costs and benefits. Important pillars of the strategy include the development of a strong portfolio of events, optimised use of data & digitisation and the realisation of a multifunctional area development. This should contribute to innovative solutions for customers and the modernisation and increased sustainability of our buildings and infrastructure. Another pillar is the reinforcement of our learning organisation.

strategy: reinforce core business and social balance

A lot of time has been invested into further improvements to safety & security by different departments within the RAI as well as by the North Sea canal area environment service (Omgevingsdienst Noordzeekanaalgebied) and Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade. We have already made major steps in this area and plan to continue doing so in 2019.

further improvements in safety

Our customers’ assessments and visitor numbers show that the RAI’s proposition was much appreciated in 2018. The charms of the city of Amsterdam, the inner-city location of the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre and our excellent reputation in the field of hospitality once again ensured pleasant and successful business stays.

the RAI and the city: a perfect match

Our strength is in no small measure a product of our city. For many visitors, RAI Amsterdam is the city: our hosts receive visitors in Amsterdam as well as on behalf of it. We work on this all day every day with many other businesses. We also jointly make choices that have an impact on the city in turn. We feel responsible for these effects and are very aware of our role as stewards for the city.

stewardship for the city

It is therefore understandable that the RAI aims to create social value as well as economic. This applies to our suppliers and partners, our neighbours and the Amsterdam region – even for the world, where certain sustainable development goals are concerned. We make a contribution by stimulating sustainable innovation wherever possible.

social value

We did a lot of work in 2018 on the RAI 2030 spatial development plan, which is a close reflection of our social ambitions. The plan expressly dictates a better integration of the RAI complex within its surroundings while improving our infrastructure.

real estate developments: improving integration and infrastructure

We are proud of this future vision, not least because it helps us tell our story. It shows in concrete terms what we really care about, in all its facets: to be an inextricable part of the city and contribute to the sustainable growth and development of people, markets and our environment.

sustainable growth and development

Amsterdam, 26 March 2019

RAI Holding B.V.,
Paul Riemens, CEO
Maurits van der Sluis, COO

Overview 2018

Global city on a human scale

… in Amsterdam

Its location in the inner city enables RAI Amsterdam to provide visitors with a truly inspiring experience.

Historic centre

The Dutch capital is rightly famous for its architecture, especially its distinctive canals. The 17th-century canal belt was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2010. International visitors also love the culture and warm, tolerant atmosphere of Amsterdam.

inviting for international visitors

Amsterdam centre

Compact city, with everything close to hand

A major advantage for international visitors is that Amsterdam is far more compact than other major European cities. A distance of just four kilometres from the exhibition building to the midpoint of the city means visitors can easily combine their business trip with a pleasant urban stay.

distance from the exhibition building to the midpoint of Amsterdam: just four kilometres

the North-South Line brings travellers from the RAI to Central Station in less than 10 minutes

… to Amsterdam

The RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is very easy to reach from a European and global perspective.

hub of transport networks

More than 320 direct destinations

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is famous for quality and accessibility. With more than a hundred airlines flying to a variety of destinations, it is a true hub of transport networks. Schiphol operates almost 5000 flights per week, making it the largest airport in Europe. With 71 million passengers in 2018, it is the third-busiest airport in Europe.

Schiphol, third airport in Europe

Schiphol, derde luchthaven van Europa

Short distance from airport to RAI Amsterdam

The distance from the runway at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre is just 10 km. There are frequent direct rail connections from the station located within the airport and the train takes just 10 minutes to reach the Amsterdam RAI station.

just 10 km

only 10 minutes from airport to the RAI

Welcome to the RAI!


Development and operation of 15 international trade or consumer exhibitions
World market leader with five titles/brands from its home base in Amsterdam
Spinoffs of Dutch parent brands in Mexico, China, Indonesia, Turkey and the United States
International network of offices and agents

Intertraffic China

Development and operation of around 10 trade or consumer exhibitions for the national market in Amsterdam
Portfolio contains the largest (not free) consumer events in the Netherlands

de Huishoudbeurs


Organiser Services
Knowledge and network related to the Netherlands, Amsterdam and the RAI
Solutions in the field of IT, hotel accommodation, catering, logistics, audio-visual and media
Exhibition management: advice and guidance
Visitor/exhibitor registration systems
Holder of a range of event-specific permits

Organiser Services

Exhibitor Services
Webshop with products and services for exhibitors. Integration within the event organiser’s website
Desk for last-minute orders
Broad range: stand construction, meeting rooms, lounges, ICT and more
Exhibitor catering that can be flexibly deployed

Exhibitor Services

Visitor Services
• Hotel Service makes more than 174,500 hotel reservations per year; rooms are guaranteed for large events
Special conditions for flights via partner airline KLM
• Parking, cloakroom and other services for visitors
Different types of visitor catering: a variety of bars, lounges, restaurants and concessions, from buffet to à la carte and take-away
Help with organising transfers, excursions, car and bicycle hire, boat trips and more

Catering, Visitor Services


RAI Amsterdam has the following certificates:

  • Recognised conference venue
  • 5 meeting hammers from Vergaderhamers foundation
  • AIPC Gold
  • EarthCheck Gold
  • Green Key Gold
  • Integral Accessibility Standard (ITS)
  • ISO-9001 (quality management)
  • ISO-14001 (environmental management)
  • ISO-20121 (Event sustainability)
  • UN Global Compact
  • Sustainability barometer
  • OHSAS-18001 (occupational health and safety)
  • BREEAM ‘excellent’ certificate (for the construction of the Amtrium)
  • Recognised training company (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs-Bedrijfsleven)

Composition of Supervisory Board and Executive Board

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of five members. One position – for a member to be proposed by the City of Amsterdam – is currently unfilled.

Roelf de Boer (1949), chair. Also chair of the Selection and Appointment Committee

Male, Dutch national. Additional commissionerships: chair of the Supervisory Board of De Beijer BV, chair of the Supervisory Board of Value 8 NV, chair of the Supervisory Board of Verbrugge Terminals BV. Owner of Rodrik Consultants BV.

appointed 23 April 2015, first term of office until 23 April 2019. Chair since 24 April 2015

John van der Steen (1954), vice-chair. Also chair of the Audit Committee

Male, Dutch national. Additional commissionerships: chair of the Supervisory Board of BinckBank NV, chair of the Supervisory Board of Princess Sportsgear & Traveller BV. Other functions: board member of the foundation Donateurs van het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest, board member of Stadhold Insurances SA, board member of AEGON association. Owner of Ansteen Holding BV.

appointed 7 April 2011, second term of office until 7 April 2021, vice chair since 2014

Annemarie Macnack-van Gaal (1962), member of Audit Committee

Female, Dutch national. Columnist for De Telegraaf. Additional commissionerships: member of the Supervisory Board of Pathé Theatres BV, member of the Supervisory Board of Value8 NV. Additional functions: member of the Board of Governors of VNO-NCW, member of the Advisory Board of Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO), board member of Start Foundation, member of the Committee of Recommendation for the foundation Het Vergeten Kind, ambassador for SOS Kinderdorpen.

appointed 15 September 2015, first term of office until 15 September 2019

Mariëlle de Macker (1967), chair of the Remuneration Committee and member of the Selection and Appointment Committee

Female, Dutch national. Other functions: board member of Talent to the Top foundation, advisory board member of Transformation Forums.

appointed 17 March 2017, first term of office until 17 March 2021

Executive Board

The statutory Executive Board consists of two people.

Paul Riemens, CEO

Male, Dutch national. Areas of expertise: finance, HR, ICT, legal, hospitality and venue. Additional functions: member of the Supervisory Board of Twynstra Gudde, chair of the Supervisory Board of St Jansdal Ziekenhuis, chair of Jumping Amsterdam, member of the advisory council of the Hoogvliegers foundation.

appointed 7 April 2016, first term of office until April 2020

Maurits van der Sluis, COO

Male, Dutch national. Areas of expertise: marketing & digital, commercial, clients and operations. Additional functions: chair of The Leading Centers of Europe, treasurer of the Voorfinanciering- en Garantie Fonds foundation, vice-chair of Nederlandse Ski Vereniging, president of EMECA (European Major Exhibition Centre Association), board member of Stichting Vrienden Stadsarchief Amsterdam.

appointed 7 April 2016, first term of office until April 2020